Paint Care Magic Clay Towel


  • EXCELLENT FUNCTION - Fine clay towel/rag, it can easily and quickly remove surface contaminants such as heavy oxidation, heavy rain water stains, ferrous powder, light rust, brake dust, pollen, bugs, the effects of acid rain and tree sap from your car and leaves a silky smooth paint finish
  • TIME & LABOR SAVER - Here comes the professional AutoCare Clay Towel to finish car cleaning in half the time and effort of a clay bar
  • EASY USAGE - This practical clay cloth can easily and quickly remove surface contaminants such as oxidation, overspray, rail dust, metal grains from your car and result in a silky smooth paint finish(but it cannot remove car wax)
  • LONG LIFTETIME - Our clay mitt is more than 5-6 times long lasting use to compare with the traditional clay bar. A new replacement will be sent if you receive any defective profuct from us!
  • WARM PROMPT - Please DO NOT press hard in using this towel. A gentle strength will be good enough.

1.Quickly and effectively remove surface contaminants
3.Save time and effort of traditional detailing clay
3.Safe and gentle on automotive paint
4.Result in a silky smooth paint finish

Package Includes
1 x Jundi Clay Towel

Usage Tips:
1.- Clean paint surface by water first, leave water on the surface don't wipe off, then use the MAGIC CLAY CLOTH with war wash shampoo to clean the surface
-2. Gently wipe it on surface to clean particles
-3. No harm to paint gloss, do not require rubbing compounds, you can make it clean.
-4. To clean the clay towel just simply put it into water and clean.

1.Due to the natural charactor of the clay material, this product is not supposed to be used on hot vehicle surface which may cause melting and damaging on this product
2. Please clean this product after use and keep it in cool place. Thanks for your understanding :)



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