NOS Bottle Smelly Car Air Freshener

  • AIR VENT CLIP DESIGN - Instead of hanging something off the rearview mirror or vent, use a spray to refresh your interior. Other products smell strong at first and quickly fade, but with  spray, you control how much or how little you apply.
  •  NO FAKE SCENT - If you really want your car to smell like candy, coconut, cherry, coffee, mint, mango, apple, strawberry, watermelon, vanilla, lemon or spice: use a pump product that will perfume your auto.  New Car Smell is engineered to remind you of the day you drove the car off of the lot.
  •  NEUTRALIZES - If you're tired of smoke deoderizers not working, leaving your leather or linen smelling the same as before, and you don't have the time to use a machine, our spray is perfect to bring a neutral smell back to the car.