Car Wax Polishing Paste Wax Scratch Repair

External Testing Certification: ISO9000
Item Diameter: 6cm
Material Type: Car Scratch Repair Remover
Item Volume: 300g
Item Height: 12cm
Item Weight: 300g
Special Features: Car Scratch Repair/ polishing/protection
Item Width: 9cm
Item Length: 12cm
Item Type: Hard Wax
Item Type: Car Wax
G.W: 0.12Kg
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Function 1: Repair Scratches
Function 2: Car Paint Care
Function 3: polish wax
Function 4: Protect the color
Function 5: car cleaner wax


 professional infiltration formula, effectively remove the paint stains and mild oxide with the main, safe decontamination, do not hurt the paint to restore the original luster paint to provide continuous protection.


1. Clean the body, corners sewn with a gun to dry the water;

2. Apply the wax evenly to the surface of the paint; wait 10 minutes;

3. Then wipe the wax carefully with a dry towel;

4. Use a small toothbrush to clean the residual wax inside the corners of the corners; need tools and products: This product, air guns, small sponge ﹑ wet towel ﹑ dry towel ﹑ small toothbrush; construction time takes about 40 minutes.


1, should not be strong in the sun or high temperature and dust flying operations. Body is also fever when not operating.

2, dry wax layer to wipe clean in time

3, not for resin bumper, rubber and glass products.

4, away from children to avoid touch. Store in a cool dry and ventilated place.