Adhesive Vinyl Headlight Film

  • Adhesive-backed headlight tint is best suited for flat surfaces and provides an incredible high-gloss finish, unlike anything you’ve seen before.
  • This film is self-healing with heat, minimizing and in some cases undoing scratches!
  • The adhesive backing is acrylic based which will not eat through plastic like other tints on the market. It is 100% chemical safe, and will not eat through headlight coatings or damage your light.
  • Ultra-Clear Adhesive features an air-release membrane that allows you to lift and reposition this tint multiple times without risking fingerprints, glue lines or marring. The dry application requires no messy liquids!
  • The film is wet apply: spray down your headlight with a simple water and soap mixture (no harmful chemicals needed!), squeegee out the excess and once dry, apply heat to make the adhesive permanent.

Products Features:

  • Type: Car Lamp Film
  • Item Length: 100cm
  • Size: 12"x40"
  • Material:  Vinyl
  • Item Width: 30cm