1L Snow Foam Lance, Choose Your Own Attachment


  • powerful Foam Cannon sprays soap foam up to 6m/ 20ft; Upgraded large and evenly wired stainless-steel strainer for more dense and thick foam.
  • The brass and metal main body for heavy-duty, anti-rust and durable; Precisely manufactured nozzle and key parts ensure plentiful and dense foam with less soap mixture ratio.
  • Extra brass nozzle 1.1mm for generating plentiful foam on 900~1850psi electric pressure washers. The standard Foam Cannon with 1.25mm nozzle installed is normally for pressure washer above 1850psi. If you have the household pressure washer, to creating thick foam, please disassemble 1.25mm nozzle from the Foam Cannon with a flat screwdriver, and assemble the 1.10mm to your Foam Cannon.
  • Use less soap, more environmentally and efficiently! To generate dense foam, use just a 1: 5 mixing ratio of car wash shampoo and water in the bottle.
  • The bottle with measuring mark is translucent and you can see the rest of the shampoo. With the filter on the end of the suction hose, filter particles in the soap or water, never scratch car paint. Bear Force pay attention to every detail to provide the best care for your car

Products Features:

  • Interface Material: Engineering Plastic
  • Water Spray Type: Fan
  • Handle Type: Finger Type
  • With Water Pipes: No