Car Wash Clay Bar

  • POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: car clay bar can be used on Paintwork, Glass, Clear optical plastics (headlights/tail lights), Carbon fibre, Exhaust tips, Clear bras, Polished metal (stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, etc.), Wheels, rust, grease, dead insects contamination over-spray, Use car clay bar with water which has been added cleaning agent and detergent; It is soft and is easily deformed
  •  EASY TO USE: Car Clay Bar is using the magic clay with water which has been added cleaning agent and detergent;. Very soft and flexible. Knead into different shapes to clean any irregularities. It is easy and convenient to use, will make your car clearer.
  •  EFFECTIVE DECONTAMINATION: Car Clay Bar can effectively remove all kinds of the heavy scale of paint, such as oil film, iron powder, flying paint, gum, tartar and lacquer surface.
  • Can Be Used Repeatedly: Car Clay Bar can be stored for the next use. After use, use a clean bag or directly soak in water to facilitate the next use.


Products Features:

  • Colour: Blue colour
  • weight:100/180g